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*     On-line databases  (FM, TV listings)

AMANDX Slogans List

AMANDX X-Band Page (1610-1700 kHz)

Arbitron Station Info (lists of shows, on-air personalities, networks/slogans; updated quarterly; click on “Station Information on file at Arbitron”)

Australian Station List by David Onley

Azimuth projection maps from WM7D

Barry McLarnon’s Canada/US AM Station Info Search Page

Bill Harms' Ultimate TIS Digest  (defunct?  No updates in a long time)

Canadian AM stations that have left the air (another site)

Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) Frequency List (includes LPRTs)

Canadian Database

CIRT (Mexican equivalent of the NAB) (another URL)

Corazon-DX (Mexican stations and US Spanish stations – Maintained by Mike Hawk for Corazon-DX list server)

Distance Calculator

FCC AM Database Query Page

FCC AM/FM/TV Address Search Page

FCC AM ground conductivity maps

FCC TIS Stations by Frequency  (incomplete listings, but good data on the stations that are listed)

Fred Cantu’s Mexico Radio/TV Page

IBS – Intercollegiate Broadcasting System (List of campus radio stations)

ISS TIS Listings by State (Transmitter manufacturer – thanks to Patrick Griffith)

Koje Finland DX page (lots of loggings of US/Canadian stations)

Lee Freshwater’s BCB Logbook

Manitoba Radio Listings (Shawn Axelrod)

MIT Radio Stations on the Internet

NOAA Weather Radio (another site)

National Radio Club Graveyard DX Achievements

Radio Info (radio station database with market lists, format searches, etc.)


Radio Roadtrip (radio stations listed by nearest major highway; sports networks)

Scanning the National Park Service

SCT (Mexico FCC) Mexican AM Stations by State/City  (Another List-PDF)

Steven Scharff’s Las Vegas Area Broadcasters

Sunset/Sunrise Calendars

Terry Krueger’s Florida Low-Power Radio Stations

Tim Noonan’s Wisconsin DX Page

Times and Dates around the world

US Census Bureau State/County Maps

Werner Funkenhauser’s WHAMLOG

William Demmery’s Canadian AM Radio Directory


          On-line databases    Network Affiliate Lists      Sports Networks     

Radio Clubs            Radio stations                   Help with UNIDs      Top


*     Network affiliate lists


ABC - Paul Harvey News

AFR – American Family Radio

After Midnite

AgRadio Network (NY/PA/VT/ME/MD/DE)


America Good Morning

Animal Talk Radio Network

AP – Associated Press (no affiliate lists, but does contain hourly programming “wheels”) (same for AP All News Radio “the News Station”)

APRN – Ag Producers Radio Network (NM/TX)

APRN – Alaska Public Radio Network

Back to the Bible

BBN – Bible Broadcasting Network

Beyond the Beltway

Bible Study Hour

Big Band Jump

Bloomberg Radio (also has hourly programming “wheel”)

Bluegrass USA Radio

BN – Broadcast News (Canada)

Boat Show Radio Network

Brownfield Radio Network  (back on-line April, 2000)

Business Talk Radio  (see “About Us” à “General Information” à “Current Stations”)

California Agri-Radio Network

Car Show, The

Car Talk

CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (English)  (another site)

CBC – Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (French)

CBS Radio – Owned & Operated Stations (See note about CBS below)

CBS Radio – The Osgood File (See note below; this list is a bit stale)

Christian Working Woman

Chuck Harder “For The People” (another site)

CHUM Radio Network (Canada)

Clark Howard Show

CMR (Corporacion Mexicana de Radiodifusion)  (Spazio, Bonita, La Comadre)

CNB / Pelmorex (Canada)

CNN Radio (another site)

CNN Radio Noticias (Spanish)

Coast to Coast AM with George Noory (Art Bell)

Copnet – The Police Radio Network

Cowboy State News Network (WY/SD)

Crime Talk

Crystal Cima SOMER (Mexico)

Cyberbuzz (seemed a bit stale on 2/1/2002)

Dairyline Radio Network

Damon Vickers Show

Dave Nemo Radio Network

Daybreak USA  (format clock) (incomplete affiliate list)

DayWeather Network (CO/KS/NE/WY)

Dolans, The (syndicated talk show from WOR-710)

Don Imus / MSNBC

Dr. Dean Edell

Dr. Joy Browne  (Affiliate list page under construction – click on “Behind the Scenes”)

Drudge Report

Ducks Unlimited / “DU Radio” (Wetland conservation and hunting)

ESPN Radio

ESPN Overnight Radio

Expert Radio

Family Life Network (NY/PA)

Family Life Radio

Family Radio

Field & Stream Radio  

Fight Back with David Horowitz

Fishing Expeditions (Ronnie Kovach)

Focus on the Family (repaired as of 2/2/2002)

Fox News / O’ Reilly Radio Factor

Fox Sports Radio Network

FRN – Florida’s Radio Network  (other FRN programs have separate pages)

G. Gordon Liddy

Garden Line with Jerry Baker

GFRN – Georgia Farm Radio Network

Glenn Beck  

Grupo ACIR (Mexico)

Gun Talk

Harvest USA Radio Network (KSIR-CO)

Hope for the Heart / Hope in the Night

Hour of Prophecy

HRN – Hispanic Radio Network

HRN - Hubbard Radio Network / Garage Logic (MN/WI/ND/SD)

Idaho Farm Bureau

i.e.America Talk Radio (e-mail contact only)

Imagen Informativa (Mexico)

IMER – Instituto Mexicano de la Radio 

IRN – The Information Radio Network (alternate URL)

IRN – The Interstate Radio Network

It’s Polka Time (IA/MN/NE/WI)

Jay Sekulow Live

Jeff Foxworthy Countdown

Jim Bohannon (listings are obviously incomplete)

Jim Rome “The Jungle” (includes phone numbers and program director names)

Kansas Agriculture Network

Kansas Information Network

Kansas/Nebraska News Networks

KLA – Kansas Livestock Association

Lars Larson

Laura Ingraham Show

LFB – Louisiana Farm Bureau Radio Network

LTBN - Let’s Talk Business Network

Ludlow Porch Show (GA and southern states)

LWRN – Liberty Works Radio Network (some very confused people…)

MAAN – Mid-America Ag Network (KS/NE)

MBN – Moody Broadcasting Network  (Map – loads slowly but has FM translator info)

MFRN - Michigan Farm Radio Network

Michigan Talk Radio Network

Midnight Cowboy Trucking Network

Midnight Special


MNN – Mission Network News

Moneywatch Radio Network (FL)

Monitor / InfoRed (Mexico)

Motley Fool Radio Show

Movie Show (Max Weiss)

MRN Motor Racing Network (NASCAR)

Music of Your Life 

MVS Radio (Mexico)

NCNN – North Carolina News Network

News 9 Radio (OK - TV news audio)

Northern Ag Network (ID/MT/SD/WY)

NDRN – Northwest Direct Radio Network

NPR – National Public Radio

OIR – Organizacion Impulsora de la Radio (Mexico)

ONN – Ohio News Network

Ontario Ag Radio

Overdrive Top 10 Countdown

Overdrive Trucking News

Parent  Talk

PBS – Public Broadcasting System  (TV only?)

Phil Hendrie

PRI – Public Radio International  (alternate site)

Prophecy Today

Protestant Hour

Public Radio (various)

Radio America (site also contains format clocks under “affiliates”)

Radio Bible Class

Radio Disney  (Please don’t let your kids listen to this GARBAGE!!!)

Radio Formula (Mexico – site is still under construction)

Radio Iowa

Radio Nueva Vida (CA)

Radio One Networks (Boomer Oldies, other formats; no affiliate lists, but does contain format clocks)

Radio Reloj (Cuba) (Click on “Contactenos”)

Radio Spirits (When Radio Was, Radio Movie Classics)

Radio Unica (Spanish)

Ray Lucia “On The Money”

Red River Farm Network (ND/SD/MN) (click on “Coverage Map”)  (another site)

Renfro Valley Gatherin’ (Country music concerts)

RFD Illinois Radio Network

Road Gang

Road Watch America  (another site)

Rock Radio Network (Canada)

Rush Limbaugh

Solid Gospel Radio

Southwest Agri-Radio Network (CA/AZ)

Southwest Radio Church

Sport2Sport Radio (KS)

Sporting News Radio (Just gives you an e-mail address to request info)

Sports Fan Radio (Just gives you an e-mail address to request info)

Sports Babe

Sports Byline USA

SRN – Salem Radio Network (No affiliates, but it does have hourly format clocks)

Talk America Radio Network  (another site)

Talk Radio (links to affiliate lists for several talk programs) More links

Texaco Metropolitan Opera Network

TFC Radio Network (Toccoa Falls College – GA and several eastern states)

Thru The Bible Radio (J. Vernon McGee)

Troubleshooter Radio Show (Tom Martino)

Truckin’ Bozo

TSN - Texas State Network


USA Radio Network (Format clocks)

VSA – Voice of Southwest Agriculture (TX)

Voyage of Discovery (the “Lewis and Clark Network”?!) (The Weather Channel)

Weatheradio Canada

Western Agri-Radio Network (CA/AZ)

Whad’Ya Know? With Michael Feldman

When Radio Was (Stan Freberg)

Wisdom Made in America / Quote Doctor

WPR – Wisconsin Public Radio

WRN - Wisconsin Radio Network

Wyoming Outdoors Radio Network  (links to several Wyoming stations)

Z-Spanish Radio Network (“Under construction” again as of June 2001)


Radio Directory (links to many other network lists)

Radio Space (links to many other network lists)

Radio-TV news links

Mailing addresses for many well-known networks


Note:  ABC and Westwood One (CBS/NBC/Mutual) password-protect their affiliate lists.


On-line databases    Network Affiliate Lists      Sports Networks     

Radio Clubs            Radio stations                   Help with UNIDs      Top


        Sports Networks (Thanks to Barry Finkel for finding several of these)


          Radio Intro (Links to many sports network lists, stations with live audio)


          Baseball  (The MLB sites are starting to improve in 2002)

          ESPN Baseball Radio

                Lists of Major League Affiliates

          American League

Baltimore Orioles (2002)

Boston Red Sox (2002)  (Spanish) (another site)

Cleveland Indians (2002)

Detroit Tigers (2002)

Kansas City Royals (2002)

New York Yankees (2001 – unofficial site)

Seattle Mariners (2002)  (another site)

Tampa Bay Devil Rays (2002)

Texas Rangers (2002)

Toronto Blue Jays (2002)

National League

Atlanta Braves (2002?) Another site (2001?)

Chicago Cubs (2002) 

Cincinnati Reds (2002)  Another site

Colorado Rockies (2002)

Florida Marlins (2002)

Houston Astros (2002)

Milwaukee Brewers (2001)

Philadelphia Phillies (2002)

Pittsburgh Pirates (2001)

St. Louis Cardinals (2002)

San Diego Padres (No site, but only 2002 stations are 600 KOGO-CA and 94.5 KOGO-FM-CA)

San Francisco Giants (2002)

Minor Leagues

Altoona Curve (AA-Eastern) (2002)

Arkansas Travelers (AA-Texas) (2001)

Billings Mustangs (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Birmingham Barons (A-Southern) (2001)

Burlington Bees (A)  (2001)

Casper Rockies (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Cedar Rapids Kernels (A) (2001)

Chico Heat (A)  (2001)

Colorado Springs Sky Sox (AAA-Pacific Coast) (2001)

Columbus Clippers (AAA-International) (2001)

Covington (VA) Lumberjacks (2002)

Edmonton Trappers (AAA-Pacific Coast) (2001)

Eugene Emeralds (A-Northwest) (2001)

Everett Aquasox (A-Northwest) (2001)

Frederick Keys (A-Carolina) (2001)

Fresno Grizzlies (AAA-Pacific Coast) (2001) (click on “Press Box”)  another site (2002)

Great Falls Dodgers (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Greenville (SC) Braves (AA-Southern) (2001?)

Harrisburg Senators (AA-Eastern) (2001)

Hudson Valley Renegades (A-New York-Penn) (2000?)

Idaho Falls Padres (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Indianapolis Indians (AAA)  (2001)

Kannapolis (NC) Intimidators (A-South Atlantic) (2001)

Kinston Indians (A-Carolina) (2001)

Las Vegas 51s (AAA-Pacific Coast) are on KBAD-920 (2001)

Louisville River Bats (AAA-International)  (2001)

Lowell Spinners (A) (2001)

Lynchburg Hillcats (A-Carolina) (2001)

Mahoning Valley Scrappers (Niles, OH) (A-New York-Penn) (2000)

Medicine Hat Blue Jays (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Memphis Redbirds (AAA-Pacific Coast) (2001)

Midland Rockhounds (AA-Texas) (2001?)

Missoula Osprey (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Modesto Athletics (2000)

Nashville Sounds (AAA-Pacific Coast) are on WNSR-560 (2001)

Newark Bears (A-Atlantic)  (2001)

New Britain Rock Cats (AA-Eastern) (2001)

New Haven Ravens (AA-Eastern) (2002)

New Jersey Jackals (A-Northern) (2001) (click on “Latest News” à June 1st, 2001)

New Orleans Zephyrs (AAA-Pacific Coast) (info not posted yet) (2001)

Norfolk Tides (AAA-International) (2001 or 2002)

Norwich Navigators (AA-Eastern) (2002)

Ogden Raptors (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Omaha Golden Spikes (AAA-Pacific Coast) (flagship only) (2001)

Portland Beavers (AAA-Pacific Coast) (flagship only) (2002)

Provo Angels (A-Pioneer) (2001)

Rancho Cucamonga (CA) Quakes (A) (2001)

Reading Phillies (AA-Eastern) (2002)

River City Rascals (O’Fallon, MO) (flagship only) (2001)

Sacramento River Cats (AAA-Pacific Coast) (2001)

Spokane Indians (A-Northwest) (2001)

Staten Island Yankees (A-New York-Penn) (2001)

Tacoma Rainiers (AAA-Pacific Coast) are on KLAY-1180 (2001-away games only)

Trenton Thunder (AA-Eastern)  (2001)

Tri-City Dust Devils (A-Northwest) (2001)

Tucson Sidewinders (AAA-Pacific Coast) (2001)

Vermont Expos (A-New York-Penn) (1999)

West Michigan Whitecaps (A-Midwest) (1999)

Wilmington Blue Rocks (A-Carolina) (2002)

Winston-Salem Warthogs (A-Carolina) (2002)

Yakima Bears (A-Northwest) (flagship only) (2001)


Minor League Baseball official web page

          Football  (The Dallas Cowboys web site was down when I verified this list on 11/16/02)

          Arizona Cardinals (2002 – flagships only?)

Atlanta Falcons (2002)

                Baltimore Ravens (2002)

                Buffalo Bills (2002)

Carolina Panthers  (2002)

Chicago Bears (2002?)

Cincinnati Bengals (2002)

Cleveland Browns (2002)

Denver Broncos (2002)

Detroit Lions (2001) (another site)

Green Bay Packers (2002)

Houston Texans (2002)

Indianapolis Colts  (2002)

Jacksonville Jaguars (2002)  (click on “Broadcasting”, then “Radio Network”)

Kansas City Chiefs (2002)

Miami Dolphins (2002) (flagships only; click on “Media Resources”)

Minnesota Vikings (2002)

New England Patriots (2002)

New York Giants (2002)

New York Jets (2002)

New Orleans Saints (2002)

Oakland Raiders (2002)

Philadelphia Eagles (2002)

Pittsburgh Steelers (2002)

San Diego Chargers (2002)

San Francisco 49ers (2002) (another site)

Seattle Seahawks (2002)

St. Louis Rams (2002?)

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (2002?)

Tennessee Titans (2002)

Washington Redskins (2002)


Arena Football League Flagships (2000)

Birmingham Steeldogs (2000) (Arena)

New Jersey Gladiators (2001) (Arena)


Atlanta Hawks (2002)

Boston Celtics (2002)

Chicago Bulls (2000 or 2002?)

Cleveland Rockers (WNBA) (2000)

Detroit Pistons (2002)

Indiana Pacers (2002)

Los Angeles Lakers (2002)

Milwaukee Bucks (2000)

New Orleans Hornets (2002)

Orlando Magic (2002)

Philadelphia 76ers (2002)

Portland Trailblazers (2001)


Atlanta Thrashers (2002?)

Boston Bruins (2002?)

Carolina Hurricanes (2002?)

Columbus Bluejackets (2002)

Detroit Red Wings (2002)

Florida Panthers (2002)

Los Angeles Kings (2002)

Nashville Predators (2002)

Portland (ME) Pirates (AHL) (2001)

San Jose Sharks (2002)

St. Louis Blues (2002)


          CART Auto Racing (2001)

                Indy Racing Radio Network (2002)

MRN – Motor Racing Network (NASCAR)  (redirected to E-bay 2/2002!)

Northern Sports Network (ID/MT/SD/WY)

PGA Tour Radio

PRN – Performance Racing Network

Radio Space (links to many different sports networks)

Scuba Radio

Soccer – Columbus Crew (2001)

College Sports (mostly football)

Alabama Crimson Tide (1999)

Alabama-Birmingham Blazers (1999)

Albion (MI) College Britons (2000)

Appalachian State Mountaineers (1999)

Arizona Wildcats (2001)

Arizona State Sun Devils (2001)

Army Cadets/Black Knights (2000)

Auburn Tigers (2000)

Baylor Bears (2001)

Birmingham Southern College Panthers (2002)

Bucknell Bisons (1999?)

California (Berkeley) Golden Bears (2001)

Cedarville (OH) Yellowjackets (2000)

Clemson Tigers (1999)

Colorado State Rams (1999?)

Davidson College (NC) Wildcats (1999)

Delaware Blue Hens (2000)

Duke Blue Devils (2001)

East Carolina Pirates (2003?)

Florida Gators (1998?)

Florida State Seminoles (2001?)

Georgia Bulldogs (2001)

Georgia Southern Eagles (2001)

Georgia Tech Yellowjackets (2000)

Hartford Hawks (2000)

Illinois Fighting Illini (2001)

Indiana Hoosiers (1999) (another site)

Iowa Hawkeyes (2000)

Iowa State Cyclones (2001)

Kansas SU Wildcats

Louisiana SU Tigers (2001)

Louisiana Tech Bulldogs (1999)

Marshall U. Herd (2001)

Maryland Terrapins (1999 or 2000)

Michigan Wolverines (2001)

Michigan State Spartans (2001)

Minnesota Golden Gophers (2001)

Mississippi State Bulldogs (1999)

Missouri Tigers (2001)

Montana Grizzlies (1999)

Montana State-Bozeman Bobcats (2000)

Nebraska Cornhuskers (2001)

New Hampshire Wildcats (2000)

New Mexico State Aggies (2001)

North Carolina State Wolfpack (2001)

North Carolina Tarheels (2003?)

North Dakota Fighting Sioux (1999)

North Dakota SU Bison (2001)

Northern Arizona Lumberjacks (1999)

Northern Iowa Panthers (1999)

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (2000)

Ohio U. Bobcats

Oklahoma Sooners (2001)

Oregon Ducks (2001)  (another site)

Oregon State Beavers (2001)

Penn State Nittany Lions (2001)

Purdue Boilermakers  (2000)  (another site)

Rutgers Scarlet Knights (2001)

St. Francis College (PA) Red Flash (2000)

SMU Mustangs

South Carolina Gamecocks (2001)

South Florida Bulls (1999 or 2000?)

Southern Mississippi Golden Eagles (2000)

Southwest Missouri State Bears (2000)

Stanford Cardinal (2001) 

Syracuse Orangemen (2001?)

Tennessee Volunteers (2001) 

Texas Longhorns (2000)

Texas A&M Aggies (2001)

Texas Tech Red Raiders (2001)

Troy State (AL) Trojans (year unknown)

Tulane Green Wave (2001)

UCLA Bruins (2001)

USC Trojans (2001)

Utah Utes (2000?)

Vanderbilt Commodores  (another site)

Virginia Cavaliers (2001)  (another site-PDF)

Virginia Tech Hokies (2001)

VMI Keydets (2000)

Wake Forest Demon Deacons (1999)

Washington Huskies (2001)

Washington State Cougars (2001)

Western Kentucky Hilltoppers (2000) (another site)

Western Michigan Broncos (1999)

Westminster (PA) Titans (2000)

West Virginia Mountaineers (2001)

Wisconsin Badgers (1999)  (another site)

Wyoming Cowboys (2001)


On-line databases    Network Affiliate Lists      Sports Networks     

Radio Clubs            Radio stations                   Help with UNIDs      Top


*     Radio clubs


          DX Mid-America

                International Radio Club of America (IRCA)

                National Radio Club (NRC) / DX Audio Service

SCADS Southern California


On-line databases    Network Affiliate Lists      Sports Networks     

Radio Clubs            Radio stations                   Help with UNIDs      Top


*     Radio stations


          5000 AM/FM TV station links

Alaska radio/TV stations

                Canadian radio stations  (more)  (still more)

                Delaware radio stations

                Hawaii radio stations

                Houston, TX radio stations

                Louisiana radio stations

                Maryland radio stations

                Mexico radio/TV stations  (another site)  (still more)

Minnesota radio stations online

                Next Level (links to many stations in the western US and overseas)

                Radio ACIR affiliates (Mexico)

Roseburg, Oregon radio stations  KQEN-1240  KAVJ-101.1  KRSB-103.9  KKMX-104.3 

San Diego, CA radio stations  (another site)

South Carolina radio stations

South Dakota radio stations

Tribute to some great AM stations of the past  (Thanks to Steve Mittman)

USA radio stations (TopRadio)

                Vernal, UT TIS stations

                Wyoming Association of Broadcasters

                Zona Latina (links to many radio stations in Latin America, including many in Mexico)


On-line databases    Network Affiliate Lists      Sports Networks     

Radio Clubs            Radio stations                   Help with UNIDs      Top


*     Useful links for UNIDs (find businesses mentioned in ads, etc.)

                (Note: Some of the phone directory pages appear to have suffered as a result of merger activity)


 (Search for radio personalities by name, station, city)

Aegis Area Code Map (US/Canada)  (PDF file)


Arbitron Station Info (includes lists of shows, on-air personalities, networks/slogans)

BigBook Yellow Pages (US)

Governors of US States

                GTE Super Pages (alternate URL)

Internet 800 Directory

LookSmart Yellow Pages (US)

Mexican Holiday List

Mexican Radio Jingles

National Anthems of the World

Primeris Phone Number Lookup (thanks to Mike Hardester)

Qwest Area Code Maps by State

Qwestdex Yellow Pages (US)

Reverse Phone Directory  (frames for 3 other directories, worked well for me June 2001)

State House Girls State/Local Information (names of governors, congressmen, etc.)


                The Directory (area code / prefix search)  (thanks to Wallace Dickson)

                Think Direct Marketing

                White and Yellow Pages (Many countries)


On-line databases    Network Affiliate Lists      Sports Networks     

Radio Clubs            Radio stations                   Help with UNIDs      Top



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