Recent AM loggings from Chula Vista, CA  and on the road

(Sony ICF-2010, Kiwa Loop, Delco car radio, except as noted. 

Eastern Local Time is used for US/Canada stations, UTC for all others)


Last updated 02/08/2003 6:01 PM


Month:  Jan-2003  Dec-2002  Nov-2002  Oct-2002  Jun-2002  Apr-2002  Mar-2002 


*  January 2003

 540     (XESURF)    BCN   Tijuana – 1/01 1755 – Off all day.  Caught 2 new stations in their absence.  (TRH-CA)


 540     XETX CHIH  Nuevo Casas Grandes – 1/02 0300 - Nice clear call letter ID and several "La Ranchera de Paquime" slogans and jingles.  New.  (TRH-CA)

 540     XEHS  SIN   Los Mochis – 1/02 0300 - I also got a nice clear ID from "XEHS, 540 AM, La Nortenita, Radio Sistema del Noroeste".  They gave their phone number several times as 817-0540 and referred to their website which unfortunately is badly out of date and still under construction.  New, ex-740.  Move and slogan change confirmed by Fred Cantu of  (TRH-CA)


1470     KELA        WA  Centralia - 1/25 0300 - Fair-good all night with local XERCN off.  "You depend on us for Lewis County's complete news.  KELA AM 14-70 Centralia-Chehalis."  Also noted slogan "Lewis County's news leader."  Mixing with XEACE and KIID all night until XERCN carrier returned around 0807.  New.  (TRH-CA)


I've had some excellent luck with tape recorders and timers on vacation, but this was the first time they've resulted in a new catch here in Chula Vista.

1500   WPWT499  CA  San Diego - 1/25 0145 - New station is on the air from Qualcomm Stadium and getting out well with Super Bowl security announcements.  Listed as 10 watts.  Signal is loud but audio is a little choppy.  (TRH-CA)

1620   "KCR"    CA  San Diego - 1/25 0142 - Station is still on the air despite getting trampled by XEUT-1630 most of the time.  Noted while driving past San Diego State tonight.  (TRH-CA)

*  December 2002

1340     KEWE  CA    Oroville – 12/15 0525 – ID and NOS.  Noted slogan “America’s greatest music.”  New.  (TRH-CA)


*  November 2002

1060     KTNS  CA    Oakhurst – 11/9 0015 – DX test noted with fair-good signals on car radio.  New.  (TRH-CA)


1610     WPSG912     CA    Mountain Pass – 11/29 2140 – CalTrans HAR getting out well with I-15 road info.  Transmitter is located near the rest area at Mountain Pass (Halloran Summit), CA.  New.  (TRH-CA)


*  October 2002 (CA/OR/NV trip)

TRH-CA/OR/NV  Tim Hall, on the road
TRH-CA1 Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA;   ICF-2010, KIWA Loop (same used at other locations)
TRH-CA2 The Sea Ranch, CA
TRH-CA3 Crescent City, CA
TRH-CA4 Burney, CA
TRH-CA5 Chester, CA
TRH-CA6 Mammoth Lakes, CA
TRH-OR1 Bandon, OR
TRH-OR2 Crater Lake Rim Village, OR

 740 CBX AB Edmonton - 10/13 2313 - Surprisingly good with classical music program //CBR-1010.  (TRH-OR2)

 830 CKKY AB Wainwright - 10/13 0320 - Fair with Key Country Countdown.  (TRH-OR2)

1230 KHSN OR Coos Bay - 10/9 1109 - Paul Harvey, ad for Knudsen's Carpet Hut in North Bend, ID, then into NOS/OLD.  (TRH-CA2)

 950 (KTBR) OR Roseburg - 10/13 1735 - Station was off the air when we drove through Roseburg.  We passed by the studio (a converted house at the east end of town on highway 138) and no one appeared to be home.  (TRH-OR)

1070 (KRAM) OR West Klamath - Still silent when we drove through on 10/15.

1090 KNCR CA Fortuna - Now Spanish "La fiesta, lo mejor en la costa del norte".  (TRH-CA)

1230 KDAC CA Ft. Bragg - Now Spanish AC "La Maquina Musical" //KLLK-1250, KUKI-1400.  All three stations ID together on the hour, with two men taking turns shouting each letter of the 3 call signs.  (TRH-CA)

1240 KMHI ID Mountain Home - 10/17 0031 - "AM 12-40 KMHI, your hometown country station."  (TRH-CA5)

1240 KCVL WA Colville - 10/13 0740 - Faded up nicely for ID.  Suprised to hear them here on the coast.  (TRH-OR1)

1310 (KFVR) CA Crescent City - Still silent when we were in town 10/9 through 10/11.  FM is on the air.  (TRH-CA3)

1340 KTMM CO Grand Junction - 10/18 0358 - ID caught on tape mixing with KGLW, KXEQ.  (TRH-CA6)

1340 KTSN NV Elko - 10/12 0028 - HS FB, mentioned next week's game would be on sister station KRJC-FM.  (TRH-OR1)

1400 KBDB NV Sparks - 10/10 2207 - Fair with promo for "When Radio Was" on KBDB Sparks-Reno-Northern Nevada.  Station is still trying to define itself.  Format is a mix of C&W, BBD, and civic/government talk ("Nevada Matters").  (TRH-CA3)

1400 KEDO WA Longview - 10/9 2353 - Fair with local want ad listings.  (TRH-CA3)

1400 CIOR BC Princeton - 10/12 0606 - Fair with "easy rock" slogans.  Station IDs not later included AM 1240, AM 1400, and FM 102.9 stations.  (TRH-OR1)

1450/1460 (KMCA) CA Burney/Shasta - This wayward station was not noted while we were in the Burney area on 10/15 and 10/16.  (TRH-CA4)

1450 KFSD CA Escondido - 10/8 2159 - "San Diego's classical choice, KFSD."  (TRH-CA2)

1450 KTIP CA Porterville - 10/13 2345 - Fair-good, mixing with KVML with local ads, ID.  Gets out well these days, also noted from Bandon the night before.  (TRH-OR2)

1450 KVSI ID Montpelier - 10/16 0844 - Good with L-O-N-G ad for local Peterson's Jubilee supermarket in Montpelier.  This is a good small-town station that gets out well.  (TRH-CA4)

1450 KONP WA Port Angeles - 10/12 1059 - Fair with "news radio 14-50, KONP, Port Angeles" into ABC news.  (TRH-OR1)

1490 KWOK WA Hoquiam - 10/17 0000 - "The voice of the Seattle Seahawks, sports radio 14-90, KWOK Hoquiam-Aberdeen" into Sporting News Radio.  (TRH-CA5)

1490 KLOG WA Kelso - 10/9 1047 - Good with local ads.  (TRH-CA2)

1490 KYNR WA Toppenish - 10/17 2354 - Fair, mixing with KCID-ID with chanting in Yakima language, "Yakima Nation Radio, KYNR."  (TRH-CA5)

This was an excellent trip for DX.  Conditions were especially good at The Sea Ranch (wooden building, no TVs, fluorescent lights, or other noisemakers!), Bandon, Crater Lake, and Chester.  Had several TP signals at The Sea Ranch, but wasn't able to identify most of them.



The following notes were taken during a car trip Oct 5th-19th, 2002, with 1-2 night stays in Solvang, CA; Carmel-by-the-Sea, CA; The Sea Ranch, CA; Crescent City, CA; Bandon, OR; Crater Lake Rim Village, OR; Burney, CA; Chester, CA; and Mammoth Lakes, CA.  Equipment consisted of my ICF-2010, Kiwa Loop, Marantz tape recorder, Intermatic timer, and the weak car radio in our Toyota Prius.

Some of the HAR stations listed here are part of the new COATS system (California-Orgeon Advanced Transportation System).  Whereas the California stations in this network were very much in evidence (inactive, but lots of signs up), I saw no activity on the Oregon side of the border in support of this initiative.

On to the listings...

530 (WNFU248) CA Bishop Delete this listing.  We've been through here several times in recent years and there has never been a sign or a trace of a station.

530 (HAR) CA El Toro / Mission Viejo  Delete these listings.  (Orange County CalTrans stations are on 1620 these days).  LAX Airport TIS is still active on 530 and widely audible around LA.

530 TIS CA Klamath National Forest Test loop noted on several nights from Oregon:  "You are listening to a test broadcast operating on 530 kHz AM from the Klamath National Forest"

530 WNSA852 CA Oakland City TIS is active and getting out well with information about fire season.

530 (WNQV784) CA Pismo Beach This should probably deleted.  There are no signs for it, and I have not logged it on several recent trips through this area.

530 WPUV620 CA San Mateo New city TIS gets out well.  Tape loop mentions phone number 650-344-8592.  There are 3 other TIS stations listed on 530 in San Mateo but this was the only one we noted.

530 (KMG849) CA June Lake Has never been noted on multiple visits.  No signs.

530 (WNFU245) CA Mammoth Lakes Has never been noted on multiple visits.  No signs.

530 (KNEU564) CA Truckee-Lake Tahoe No sign of a station here.

530 (WPFM427) NV Carson City Convention/Vistors Bureau station not noted from the south end of town as we drove through.  No signs.

530 (WPLX255) NV Incline Village NV DoT station not noted in this area.  Station is further south.

530 WPLX255 NV Lake Tahoe NV DoT HAR gets out pretty well with detailed road closure info //1610 Carson City.

530 (WPJK465) OR Gold Beach Silent, no signs up.

620 WPFS414 CA Inglewood City TIS is on with information about local sporting venues, etc.

830 KNNS724 CA Carmel Valley Carmel Valley Village TIS gets out rather poorly.  Interesting long tape loop includes Willie Nelson's "What a Wonderful World" in its entirety, and part of Chicago's "Does Anybody Really Know What Time It Is?"

840 WPEX988 CA Belvedere Noted with tape loop from local police department.

840 (WPIJ667) CA Santa Cruz No station noted here, no signs along CA-1.

1330 WPGU994 CA Corte Madera City TIS noted getting out well during the day.

1610 (WPUH732) CA Arcata Noted signs on both sides of US 101 at CA-299 junction, but station was not on.  I found no sign of any station on 1630 in this area.

1610 (WPNQ481) CA Bridgeport There was no trace of a station as we drove through, and no signs.  (The sister station in Coleville was on the air and getting out well as we drove through Coleville).

1610 (WPFK506) CA Burney Signs are up for CalTrans COATS station on all 4 sides of CA-89/CA-299 junction, but station was not on at the time.  [Note correct location – my original submission incorrectly said CA-139 at CA-299].

1610 (HAR) CA Carson Not noted this time (I think the signs are gone now, but traffic on the 405 was very heavy so I might have missed them).

1610 WPNQ481 CA Coleville Mono County station for the "Antelope Valley" area along US 395 (Coleville, Walker, Topaz Lake) gets out very well.  Logged as far north as Crater Lake with information about volunteer fire department and library.  Calls itself "AVIS - Antelope Valley Information Station".

1610 (KPB794) CA Crescent City Delete this old listing for a Redwoods National Park TIS.  There is no evidence of such a station, and CalTrans has recently built a COATS HAR station here.

1610 (HAR) CA Crescent City CalTrans has built a COATS HAR station here.  Noted signs at south end of town on US 101.  (These stations are only on the air when the lights on the signs are flashing.  The signs used by all COATS stations we saw were identical.

1610 (WPPD491) CA Eureka Noted signs on both sides of US 101 at both the north and south ends of town, implying two stations, but there may be only one.

1610 (WPTJ432) CA Ft. Bragg No station noted here, and no signs were noted.

1610 (WPVP711) CA Gasquet - Collier Tunnel CalTrans COATS HAR station at the US 199 rest area at the SW end of the Collier Tunnel was not on the air as we drove by, but signs were up.  Internet listings for Gasquet, Smith River Canyon, and Collier Tunnel are all referring to this one station.

1610 (WNKB689) CA Gilroy No station noted here, no signs along CA-1.

1610 (KMC489) CA Johannesburg Delete this listing.  It has never been noted on multiple visits over 3+ years, and there are no signs for it.

1610 (KMC472) CA Lone Pine Delete this listing.  It has never been noted on multiple visits over 3+ years, and there are no signs for it.

1610 (KPB793) CA Malibu Noted running OC as we drove by the Malibu city center.

1610 WNHN952 CA Monterey City TIS is active, doesn't get out particularly well.

1610 KPB796 CA Orick Redwood National Park station gets out pretty well with information about elk viewing areas on Davidson Rd. near US 101.

1610 (KPB795) CA Prairie Creek Redwood National Park station not noted, and no signs were up for it.

1610 (KPB799) CA Pt. Mugu Signs are still up for the Santa Monica Mountains NRA station, but I suspect it has been off for years.

1610 KPB749 CA Pt. Reyes National Seashore Primary station for this area gets out well with information for visitors approaching the lighthouse, visitor center on Sir Francis Drake Highway, and Tomales Bay.  This one really gets out well along the coast to the north.

1610 KPB749 CA Pt. Reyes National Seashore: Stinson Beach There is a low-power station located along Hwy 1 just north of Stinson Beach.  The tape loop uses the same callsign as the main station, but includes information for people approaching Point Reyes National Seashore from Stinson Beach.  Signs along Hwy 1.

1610 (KPB749) CA Pt. Reyes National Seashore: Olema We noted signs for a third station at this location, but no station was operating there at the time.

1610 (KMC471) CA Ridgecrest This station has never been noted from US 395, nor was it noted the night we stayed in Ridgecrest a few years ago.

1610 (KPD607) CA Santa Cruz No station noted as we drove through.

1610 (HAR) CA Tahoe Vista No sign of any HAR station here.  I don't think KNEU564 Tahoe City was on either, but we weren't close enough to be sure.

1610 (KNEU564) CA Truckee Noted fairly new-looking signs on CA-89 at the N. end of town.  Station wasn't on as we drove through.

1610 KNEC996 CA Yosemite area (west end, exact location unknown) - Noted on numerous nights with the following message: "You're listening to the Yosemite Area travelers (network?).  Welcome to the Yosemite region.  Sonora Pass is open.  Tioga Pass is open.  This message will be updated as conditions change."

1610 KNEC996 CA Yosemite area (east end, Lee Vining) The Tioga Pass road condition HAR is now operated by CalTrans, presumably from their maintenance yard near the junction of US 395 and CA-120, and now using these call letters which are normally associated with mobile CalTrans stations.  This station does not currently get out like the one at the west end does.  The tape loop contains most of the information in the west end station's tape loop (except for the Sonora pass update), plus a section on the Yosemite Area Regional Transportation System (YARTS).  The YARTS information is probably a holdover from the tri-county radio station that used to be here (WPIR354).  Delete the listing for WPIR354 in Lee Vining.

1610 HAR NV Carson City NV DoT HAR is on and gets out pretty well with detailed road closure //530 Lake Tahoe.

1610 HAR NV Sparks? From Burney, CA at night, we heard a test message from NV DoT that seemed to be saying it was in Sparks.  We were in Carson City a day or so later and it definitely wasn't that station, so we may have a new HAR station in Sparks.

1610 (TIS) OR Beaver Hill We were in this area for 2-3 days and there was no sign of a Forest Talk station here.

1610 (WPFI870) OR Berry Bogs We were in this area for 2-3 days and there was no sign of any station in the (cranberry) bogs area near Bandon.

1610 Realtor OR Brookings Talking house noted as we drove through.  Must have been a few blocks off the highway as it was barely audible.

1610 KOC741 OR Cave Junction Oregon Caves National Monument TIS is located at or near the Illinois Valley visitor center in Cave Junction.  Gets out very poorly, possibly carrier current.  Tape loop includes call letters.

1610 (KOC736) OR Crater Lake NP - Annie Spring (south) entrance station was running OC and getting out poorly.  No signs.

1610 (KOC737) OR Crater Lake NP - (north) entrance station was not on as we drove by.  No signs.

1610 (KOC735) OR Crater Lake NP - Rim Village station was not on the 2 days we stayed here.  No signs.

1610 (WPFI870) OR Curtin No sign of a TIS here.

1610 (WNFP221) OR Drain No sign of a TIS here.

1610 (KOC713) OR Ft. Klamath No sign of a TIS as we drove through.  There wasn't one when I drove through in 1988 either, so this station is probably long gone.

1610 (KOQ226) OR Glenada No sign of any TIS in Glenada.

1610 (KOQ227) OR North Bend No sign of any TIS in North Bend.  This station is listed as pertaining to the Siuslaw National Forest, but this forest does not extend down to the North Bend area.  We went as far north as Heceta Head lighthouse and found no TIS that would match this description.

1610 (TIS) OR Pass Creek No sign of a Forest Talk station here.  This listing may be a redundant listing of the Curtin or Drain stations.  Another station is listed in Cottage Grove, but we weren't quite close enough to Cottage Grove to verify that station was off too.

1610 (KOQ228) OR Reedsport No sign of any TIS in Reedsport.

1610 (WNLA427) OR Reedsport-Dune Creek No sign of any TIS at the Dune Creek elk viewing area east of Reedsport on OR-38.

1610 TIS OR Tillamook State Forest This was the only Oregon "Forest Talk" station noted while we were in SW Oregon, and it gets out really well at night with a long tape loop geared for motorists on Oregon highway 6.  Mentioned offices in Forest Grove and Tillamook.

1610 (KOQ229) OR Winchester Hill No sign of a TIS here.  Looks like this entire series of stations is gone.

1610 WPKY673 WA George This unique station is still getting out well.  Logged at night from Bandon, OR with "Agfarmation" format.  Tape loop contained a very full ID except for incorrect call letters "WFPY673".

1610 TIS WA Richland NOAA weather relay station is still getting out well.  Logged from Bandon, OR at night.

1610 WPKV296 WA Toppenish City TIS gets out very well with civic information (points of historical interest, etc.).  Logged from Bandon, OR at night.

1620 WPTD929 CA Malibu Listed as multiple stations, but there seemed to be only one transmitter, around the junction of CA-1 and CA-23.  Covered most of Malibu's 27 mile city limits with faint signals at either end.

1620 WPMR237 CA Morro Bay City TIS gets out very well with typical civic information.

1620 WPQY890 CA Oceano Tape loop with 2 men talking about the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreation Area and nearby Oso Flaco Lake.

1620 WNZA955 CA Pebble Beach Gets out well with civic information (message was largely about trash collection).

1620 (WPKE794) CA Torrance.  Was off the air on 10/5.
(This one was on a few months ago, may have just been off the air today).  I've never logged the CalTrans HAR that has been listed on 1620 in Torrance.

1630 (HAR) CA Arcata We found no evidence of a station on 1630 in this area as had been listed.

1630 Realtor NV Gardnerville Talking house from Carson Valley Homes realtor.

1630 (TIS) NV Lake Tahoe No TIS was noted from the north or east shores of the lake.

1660 Realtor CA Gleason Beach Adams Realty talking house for beachfront home at 5885 N Hwy 1 in Sonoma County north of Bodega Bay.  Realtor's name was Scott Adams (guess the Dilbert royalties must have tapered off recently!).

1670 TIS CA Ft. Bragg "Fort Bragg Visitor Information Radio" is still on the air despite KNRO-1670, but gets out very poorly.  Possibly carrier current.  Only audible for a few blocks during the day and doesn't get out at night.  Tape loop is mostly a plug for the transmitter company that donated the equipment.  Noted one tiny AM 1670 sign near a gas station.

1680 WPPD481 CA Pescadero City TIS contains two messages: a tape loop with civic information and a two-minute snippet from NOAA weather.  Gets out well along the coast.

1680 TIS CA Truckee-Lake Tahoe North Star Ski Area TIS puts out a strong midday signal but there are no signs along CA-267 to call attention to it.

1700 WNCM749 CA Burbank Burbank Airport station really gets out well these days.  Logged as far north as The Sea Ranch, CA (100+ miles north of San Francisco).

1700 (HAR) CA Los Angeles Airport area traffic station signs are still up, so this station was probably just off today.

1700 WPMD956 CA Norwalk Cerritos College station also gets out very well, logged as far north as Bandon, OR.

1700 WPTZ516 CA Oakland Oakland Airport TIS gets out well,
logged from Bandon and Crater Lake, OR at night.  Be careful not to get this one mixed up with the Burbank Airport station which also gets out well.



*  June 2002 (TX/LA business trip; CA/NV/UT business trip / vacation)

 610     WDAF  MO    Kansas City - 6/24 0029 - Country music, local ads, "61 country" slogans and IDs, on top of another station running "good time oldies."  (TRH-UT3)


 620     CKRM  SK    Regina - 6/24 0028 - "Saskatchewan's home of country music, CKRM."  (TRH-UT3)


 900     CKBI  SK    St. Albert - 6/24 0640 - "Your favourite music all night long, country 900, CKBI."  (TRH-UT3)


1020     KKSC  NE    Plattesmouth - 6/24 0646 - Country music, promo for ag news on "AM 10-20, KKSC, the source."  (TRH-UT3)


1080     CKSA  AB    Lloydminster - 6/24 0644 - Country music, local ad, "Your community-minded station, 10-80, CKSA."  (TRH-UT3)


1080     KRPX? UT    Price - 6/24 1106 - This one was running long sets of oldies each day, and the only ID we caught was "KWSM-KSLL(?), your hit music stations."  (TRH-UT)


1220     CJRB  MB    Boissevain - 6/24 0527 - "Playing all your favourites all night long, this is 12-20 CJRB."  (TRH-UT3)


1230     KGEO  CA    Bakersfield - 6/15 0604 - Caught ID on tape for GYDX record.  Logged 12 stations on 1230 from this very nice location!  (TRH-UT1)


1230     KYPA  CA    Los Angeles - 6/15 0500 - Faded up for ID "Radio Korea, KYPA, Los Angeles."  (TRH-UT1)


1230     KVOC  WY    Casper - 6/23 2252 - "KVOC, the voice of Casper" into NOS. (TRH-UT3)


1240     KRAL  WY    Rawlings - 6/22 2159 - Legal ID into ABC news.  (TRH-UT3)


1260     CFRN  AB    Edmonton - 6/16 0654 - Local ads, "Edmonton's new sports radio 12-60."  (TRH-UT1)


1270     CHAT  AB    Medicine Hat - 6/24 0556 - Promo for new "Country 12-70 Chat" stickers.  (TRH-UT3)


1330     CJYM  SK    Rosetown - 6/24 0610 - "Classic hits and today's favourites, 13-30/12-10" (TRH-UT3)


1340     KAVC  CA    Mojave - 6/16 0903 - Fair with KAVC community calendar.  (TRH-UT1)


1340     KSID  NE    Sidney - 6/15 2305 - ABC news, ad for JNJ Steamaway carpet cleaning in Sidney 254-2927.  (TRH-UT1)


1400     KDTA  CO    Delta - 6/23 2259 - Station now runs CNN news and talk, IDs as "Power talk."  (TRH-UT3)


1400     KBLJ  CO    La Junta - 6/15 2259 "Your home for Arkansas Valley oldies, KBLJ, La Junta."  (TRH-UT1)


1450     KTIP  CA    Porterville - 6/15 Promo for pep rally for girls basketball team.  Local ads and ID.  (TRH-UT1)


1490     KZZN  TX    Littlefield - 6/22 2240 - "You're listening to the great American music station, KZZN, Littlefield" into oldies.  This one sure gets out!  (TRH-UT3)


1610     KNEC996     CA    Yosemite NP (area) - 6/16 0737 - CalTrans HAR for Yosemite (SW entrance?) noted still running winter message about drivers having to carry chains.  Tape loop includes call letters.  Had been listening to this station from Lone Pine, CA a few nights earlier.  (TRH-UT1)


1610     TIS/Pirate? NV    Mesquite - 6/21 2205 - Noted a station here running oldies and pre-recorded IDs.  "Mesquite's new solid gold oldies, AM 16-10, the Boss."  6/25 1500 noted again on return trip, said they were broadcasting from the Riverside Commercial Center in Mesquite.  (TRH-NV)


1610     WQO681      WY    Bosler - 6/22 2155 - CO DoT / WY DoT station noted on E wire with usual tape loop, mixing with semi-local KOQ516.  (TRH-UT3)


1700     WNCM749     CA    Burbank - 6/22 0310 - Burbank-Glendale-Pasadena airport TIS station is really getting out these days!  Noted on top of channel at Lone Pine, CA, and putting a good signal into Cedar City tonight.  (TRH-UT2)




Many DXers from all over the west have logged TIS stations from SW Utah and the surrounding areas over the past 10 years.  This month, Karen and I took a few days before and after a business trip to drive through some of the areas where these TIS stations are located, to check on their current status.  Here is what we found:




Hoover Dam, NV (KOJ876) -- Signal is improved, but still not great.  Seems stronger in Boulder City than at the actual dam site, possibly due to all of the electrical noise around the dam.  Male announcer.  Tape loop mostly talks about the new security checkpoint and regulations.  Gets out fairly well to the west but not very well in the other directions.


Las Vegas, NV (WNRM758) -- Silent, not noted on my last 2 trips here.  ex-1610 and has not resurfaced there either.  HAR station once listed on this frequency has moved to 1610.


St. George, UT (WPBF898) -- Washington County "Color Country" TIS at the Utah Welcome Center south of St. George is currently silent.  Signs are still up on I-15 North.  This one used to make it to southern California.




Capitol Reef NP, UT (KOJ738) -- These 0.1-watt stations are gone for good.  See main listing on 1610.




Bryce Canyon NP, UT (KOP798?) -- New station here with general park information.  The 1610 station now carries information about the park's new shuttle service (signs around the park, and the messages themselves, make this distinction).  Both the 1590 and 1610 stations appear to be fairly near the park entrance.  The 1590 station is either slightly farther north, or slightly stronger than the 1610 station.  Both are barely audible middays in Panguitch.




Glen Canyon NRA, AZ (KOJ778) -- Frequently mis-reported as Utah, this station is actually just north of Page, AZ at the Carl Hayden visitor center.  This has got to be the single biggest TIS pest in the west these days, as it is routinely heard all over the Southwest.  Tape loop with female announcer emphasizes the Wahweap Marina and the visitor center, and

includes call letters.


Blue Diamond, NV (HAR) -- No sign of the NV DoT station that was supposed to be here.


Jean, NV (HAR) -- No sign of the NV DoT station that was supposed to be here.


Lake Mead NRA, NV (KOJ751) -- This one seems strongest at the Administration offices in Boulder City, not at the Lake Mead NRA area.  Gets out fairly well to the west but poorly in other directions.  Female announcer.


Las Vegas, NV (Airport) -- Carrier-current station with control tower audio has reportedly moved to 1200, but I haven't been close enough to the airport to confirm this.


Las Vegas, NV (KOJ446) -- Delete this listing.  Have never noted this station on numerous trips.


North Las Vegas, NV (HAR) -- NV DoT covers road construction and Hoover Dam security information.  Gets out pretty well.


Mesquite, NV (TIS or Pirate?) -- There is a new station located in the Riverside Commercial Center, broadcasting oldies and calling itself "Mesquite's new solid gold oldies, the greatest hits of all time, AM 16-10, the Boss."  It sounds like it's running 5 to 10 watts.


Bryce Canyon NP, UT (KOP798) -- This station's message is now limited to information about the park's shuttle system.  General park information is now found on the new station on 1590 kHz (see listing above).  This station currently gets out pretty well at night, as it was recently logged in Alberta, but not particularly well during the day.  A few years ago however, many DXers mistakenly assumed they had this station when it was actually the Panguitch-Red Canyon station (WPBE828) that was getting out well at that time with its "Welcome to Bryce Canyon Country" message. 


Capitol Reef National Park, UT (KOJ738) -- This station is gone for good, due to apathy of the current ranger staff.  A previous ranger had maintained this station and set up 0.1-watt stations on 1490, 1520, and 1540.  Once he left, they took everything down.  If you hear a tape loop about Capitol Reef, you are hearing KCP260, Salina Canyon.


Cedar Breaks NM, UT (KOE719) -- This station does not appear to exist.  There are no signs for it, and I did not log it while passing through this area in 1986 or 2002.


Fish Lake NF - Ivie Creek/Salina Canyon, UT (KCP260) -- This is a very interesting station, located at a rest area near the junction of I-70 and Utah highway 72.  It runs a very long tape loop (3 male voices, 2 female, each representing a different county or agency in central Utah).  One of the taped messages is all about Capitol Reef National Park, which could cause a DXer to mistake this station for the defunct KOJ738.  Other messages mention Fremont Indian State Park and Sevier County, which may explain the listings for stations at these locations that don't seem to exist.  (Note that Salina Canyon is pronounced with a short "I" like Salinas, CA, not a long "I" like Salina, KS).


Fish Lake NF - Mackinaw/Fish Lake Scenic Drive, UT (KOQ516) – This station, which uses the slogan "Mackinaw Radio", provides visitor information for people driving along the west shore of Fish Lake.  It is probably located around Fish Lake Lodge halfway down the lake.  Female announcer, mentions the Fish Lake Discovery Association.


Fremont Indian State Park, UT -- Delete this listing.  Either this station is gone, or someone heard the Fish Lake NF station (KCP260) whose message includes a section on Fremont Indian SP.


Panguitch-Red Canyon, UT (WPBE828) -- This station got out like gangbusters in the late 1990s with its "Welcome to Bryce Canyon Country" message; for a while, it was a nightly catch on car radios in San Diego.  The Garfield County tourism office runs this station, which is actually located in the Red Canyon area just east of the junction of US 89 and Utah highway 12.  The station is nowhere near as strong as it used to be.  It is barely audible in Panguitch middays, and its tape loop currently consists of the sentence "This is the Garfield County radio station at Red Canyon, Utah" read by a male announcer, followed by a long pause.


Sevier, UT -- Delete this listing.  There does not appear to be a station in Sevier.  The Fish Lake NF station (KCP260) includes a section about Sevier in their message.


Zion National Park, UT (KOJ761) -- There are currently 4 stations active in the park along Utah highway 9.  There is/was a fifth station at the Northwest end of the park near Kanarraville (I-15 exit 40); although the signs are still up for this station on I-15 north at exit 36, I did not log this station while passing through in 1986, 1987, or 2002.  The 4 active stations in Zion NP are as follows, moving from east to west on highway 9 (all use a female announcer):


1. Mt. Carmel Junction:  Short tape loop for drivers heading west on Utah highway 9: mentions the $20 entrance fee, tunnel, scenic drive shuttle, and tells listeners to tune in again about 13 miles to the west (station #2).  No call sign mentioned in tape loop.  Gets out relatively poorly.  Not audible in Kanab 17 miles to the south.


2. East Entrance:  This tape loop has more detailed information about the shuttle schedule, wildlife, camping, and fire danger.  It ends with a MALE phone operator saying "If you want to make a call, please hang up" followed by telephone error signals.  It gets out relatively poorly, and the KOJ786 call sign is not currently mentioned in the tape loop.


3. Springdale/Watchman Visitor Center (KOJ761):  This one begins with "Welcome to the gateway town of Springdale", and emphasizes the shuttle, visitor center, backcountry hiking permits, Watchman campsite, the Zion Lodge, and a bit about the tunnel farther east.  This is the only Zion station that mentions call letters in its tape loop ("KOJ.......761" mumbled at the end of the loop).  It gets out fairly well, but nowhere near as well as station #4.  This one ends with a FEMALE phone operator giving the same error as station #2.


4. Virgin:  This is the one that really gets out.  It appears to be located just west of Virgin, UT, atop a high bluff.  It covers a long stretch of I-15 middays and has often been heard in California and Nevada at night.  The tape loop is oriented to visitors traveling eastbound on Utah highway 9.  The tape loop begins with "This station provides important information about the Zion National Park Tunnel and Zion Canyon Scenic Drive shuttle.  It refers to the town of Springdale as being "17 miles north on Highway 9", and says to tune in again about 13 miles north on Highway 9 for more

information (station #3).  There is no gap at the end of the tape loop on this one.


There you have it!  I hope this helps DXers in the west figure out what stations you are hearing.


TRH-LA   Tim Hall, DXing from Baton Rouge, LA      ICF-2010, Kiwa Pocket Loop, Delco car radio

TRH-TX   Tim Hall, DXing from DFW airport, ICF-2010, internal loop




 530     WPOX738     LA    Baton Rouge - 5/30 2245 - New TIS for Southern University near the airport at the northern end of Baton Rouge.  Short tape loop about parking regulations and how to find the administration building.  This one

has a killer signal all across town day and night, and should get out well at night.  (TRH-LA)


 530     (WPJT288)   LA    Baton Rouge - 5/30 to 6/1 - City TIS not noted the two days I was in town.  (TRH-LA)


 530     (WPIS319)   LA    Plaquemine - 5/30 to 6/1 - Not noted; I was within a few miles of Plaquemine a few times on this trip, and other TIS stations listed in Plaquemine were audible.  (TRH-LA)


1580     WPQE577     TX    Dallas - 6/1 2132 - New TIS at Dallas Love Field airport.  Tape loop in English and Spanish with female announcer talking about the construction of new parking facilities.  Mentioned alternate facilities on

Cedar Springs Rd.  Must get out well, as conditions were terrible inside the DFW airport tonight.  (TRH-TX)


1610     WPLR917     LA    Baton Rouge - 5/30 2250 - LA DoT HAR station on I-110 north of downtown is active.  Short tape loop re I-12 construction includes call letters.  (TRH-LA)


1610     WPQH924?    LA    Plaquemine - 5/31 2352 - Iberville Parish Office of Preparedness station noted under WPLR917 relaying NOAA weather for Baton Rouge.    This is the most likely station, given my location and the weak antenna I was using, although WPQH925 Ramah, LA is also a possibility.  (TRH-LA)


1620     WPQH923?    LA    Plaquemine - 5/31 1350 - Iberville Parish Office of Preparedness station presumed the one running NOAA weather here.  Only audible middays and only when I was south of Baton Rouge.  (TRH-LA)


1630     WPLR917     LA    Baton Rouge - 5/31 1058 - LA DoT HAR station on I-10 west of town noted with same tape loop as the 1610 station.  Gets out poorly compared to 1650 station.  (TRH-LA)


1650     WPLR917     LA    Baton Rouge - 5/30 2255 - LA DoT HAR station on I-10 exit 163 (S. of downtown) is active with NOAA weather.  Gets out pretty well.  (TRH-LA)


1670     (WPLR917)   LA    Baton Rouge - 5/30 to 6/1 - LA DoT HAR station at I-12 exit 6 at the east end of town is currently inactive.  (TRH-LA)




 570     UNID  ??    UNID - 6/1 0032 - Using slogan "classic country" although they seemed to be running current country hits instead.  (TRH-LA)


 730     UNID  ??    UNID - 6/1 0705 - Obscure talk program, "This is where America speaks out -- Welcome to the Voice of America."  Obviously no one in their staff listens to shortwave!  (TRH-LA)


1000     UNID  ??    UNID - 6/1 0715 - "Your home for the legends of country."  Best guess would be WDXZ-AL.  (TRH-LA)


1590     UNID  ??    UNID - 6/1 0005 - PSA for US Coast Guard, ad for Focus Factor, ID only as "talk radio 15-90".  (TRH-LA)





 770     KJCB  LA    Lafayette - 5/31 1358 - Simulcasting FM 105.5 with contest promo.  First prize was a 50 lb. pig from a local slaughterhouse!  (TRH-LA)


 810     WSJC  MS    Magee - 5/31 1300 - Have seen this station listed as silent since 1994, but they are on the air with religious programming.  ID is simply "AM 8-10, WSJC."  (TRH-LA)


1240     KASO  LA    Minden - 5/31 0000 - MYL, "the music of your life here on Kazzo Radio."  (TRH-LA)


1320     WRJW  MS    Picayune - 5/31 1320 - Woman reading lots of church announcements, interspersed with local ads for businesses on Highways 11 and 603.  (TRH-LA)


1440     KITA  AR    Little Rock - 5/31 2316 - "Purely spiritual, purely inspirational, pure Gospel Kita 14-40" (call letters pronounced as a word).  (TRH-LA)


1490     WHOC  MS    Philadelphia - 5/30 2352 - Local ad string including Crystal's Restaurant and a local carnival.  Station gets out well; have logged it from Atlanta before.  (TRH-LA)



This very short, last-minute business trip to Baton Rouge provided a few opportunities for DXing from a location I haven't DXed from before.  Results were limited because I only had the Pocket Loop with me.  I'm looking forward to my next business trip to Las Vegas later this month, as I'll be able to take the big Kiwa with me and DX from various locations in Nevada and Utah.


With Hurricane season starting 6/1, the "emergency" TIS stations were pretty active while I was in town.  Surprisingly, there were no signs for these stations or any of the HAR stations that were active.  Instead, the hurricane evacuation routes all had signs telling people to tune into WJBO-1150 or a local FM station.


*  April 2002 (CA/NV business trip)


(TRH-CA1) / (TRH-NV1) Tim Hall, on the road in CA/NV,  Delco car radio




 530     (KMC476)    CA    Cajon Mountain - 4/17 1430, 4/20 0100 - Once again, no sign of a station here.  As there have been high winds in this area all week, I would expect the station to be active if it still existed.  (TRH-CA1)


 530     KOJ876      NV    Boulder City - 4/17 1748 - Hoover Dam TIS is back on the air with new information about post-9/11 security measures.  Signs up on US 93 approaching Boulder City.  Signal was strongest in Boulder City.  At the

actual site of the dam, 530 is largely washed out by power line noise.  (TRH-NV1)


 530     (WNRM758)   NV    Las Vegas - 4/17 1930 - Airport TIS appears to be off the air.  Not noted the three days I was in town.  I doubt the carrier-current station on 1610 was on either (due to new Clark County HAR station) but I'm

not totally sure as I was never inside the airport this time.  (TRH-NV1)


1000     WPFM428     CA    Barstow - 4/17 1500 - CalTrans HAR still getting out well, about 30 miles each side of Barstow on I-15.  (TRH-CA1)


1610     WPSG912     CA    Mountain Pass - 4/17 1603 - New CalTrans HAR noted from Baker to the NV state line with information on road conditions.  Signal was strongest at the rest area between Halloran Summit and Mountain Pass.  FCC

database shows the transmitter at CalTrans maintenance yard I-15 @Bailey Rd. in Mountain Pass. (TRH-CA1)


1610     (KMC488)    CA    Shoshone - 4/19 2043 - As with all other Dept. of Interior "KMC" TIS stations I've tracked, the one listed here appears to be defunct.  No sign of them as I drove through town, and there was some sort of

traffic-disrupting special event going on just north of the CA-127/CA-178 junction.  KMC487 Dumont Dunes also not noted as I drove by.  (TRH-CA1)


1610     House CA    Temecula - 4/17 1336 - Noted a talking house as I drove along I-15 N near the CA-79 N interchange.  Couldn't copy realtor's name.  (TRH-CA1)


1610     KOJ751      NV    Boulder City - 4/17 1748 - Lake Mead NRA station now has signs posted along US 93.  Signal seemed to be strongest as I drove past the administration office in Boulder City's "Old Town" area, so I'm

guessing the transmitter is here and not at the visitor center 3 miles away.  (TRH-NV1)


1610     (TIS/HAR)   NV    Las Vegas - 4/17 1935 - NV DoT-Clark County TIS/HAR station has moved here (had been listed on 530).  Information about road work, ramp closures, etc. plus some info about Hoover Dam travel restrictions.  Male and female voices on tape loop.  (TRH-NV1)


1610     House NV    Pahrump - 4/19 1958 - Talking house at 141 S. Kiowa St. operated by Cindy McCall of Win Realty.  Since the price was only $149,900, I'm guessing this was NOT Art Bell's house :)  (TRH-NV1)


1690     WPUA825     CA    San Diego - 4/20 1154 - Lindbergh Field airport TIS is now identifying as "WPUA".  Search of FCC database revealed the full call letters for this station.  Signs are up all over downtown.  (TRH-CA1)


DX from Las Vegas was awful, even with the Kiwa Loop.  Conditions across the desert driving home were not great either.  KPLS-830 puts out an obnoxious midday signal along I-15 in Riverside County.  KCBQ-1170 gets out better now too.  Maybe they've upped power per recent CP?  It's amazing how badly KDXU-890 is received in Las Vegas.  It should be right in their main lobe but the signal is lousy, even outside.


*  March 2002 (CA/AZ trip)

TRH-CA         Tim Hall, Chula Vista, CA  ICF-2010, KIWA Loop, Intermatic timer

TRH-CA1/AZ1    On the road, Ford car radio

TRH-AZ2  DXing from Tombstone, AZ  ICF-2010, KIWA Loop, Intermatic timer

TRH-AZ3  DXing from Ajo, AZ      ICF-2010, KIWA Loop




 530     WPLX284     CO    Denver - 3/22 0540 - Colorado DoT HAR noted with very good signals each night with information about construction near the I-25/I-225 junction.  (TRH-AZ2)  3/25 0118 - REALLY gets out.  Signals were even

better in Ajo.  (TRH-AZ3)


1200     (TIS) AZ    Tombstone - 3/22 1715 - The TIS at Tombstone Courthouse State Park is gone for good.  Park Ranger told me "the guy who was good with that stuff left several years ago" and the station would not return.  Apparently

used a "talking house" transmitter.  (TRH-AZ2)


1610     House AZ    Coolidge - 3/21 1630 - Dave Bradley Realty operates at least 2 talking houses in this area.  Noted one for a house along AZ-287 a few miles south of town, and another for a new housing development near the center of town.  (TRH-AZ1)


1610     Church?     AZ    Sierra Vista - 3/23 1805 - Noted acapella Gospel music here, somewhat weak, and only noted while we were at Fort Huachuca.  (TRH-AZ1)


1610     KOP798      UT    Bruce Canyon - 3/22 0905 - Poor-fair under powerhouse KOJ778 (Glen Canyon NRA) with information about new shuttle bus service.  (TRH-AZ2)





 580     WIBW  KS    Topeka - 3/24 0418 - Promo for "Buy Kansas, Buy America Expo", slogan "5-80 radio, WIBW."  (TRH-AZ2)


 590     KLBJ  TX    Austin - 3/25 0528 - "News radio 5-90, KLBJ, Austin, Texas."  (TRH-AZ3)


 600     WMT   IA    Cedar Rapids - 3/24 0617 - ID and weather, under KROD.  (TRH-AZ2)


 600     KSJB  ND    Jamestown - 3/24 0422 - Country top 10 countdown show, local ads.  (TRH-AZ2)


 690     KGGF  KS    Coffeyville - 3/23 0812 - Weather, ID, ad for Grand(?) Furniture in Coffeyville.  (TRH-AZ2)


 700     KWLW  UT    North Salt Lake - 3/21 1340 - Putting out a solid midday signal into Dateland, AZ, and across much of southern AZ.  Hadn't noticed them here middays on previous trips.  (TRH-AZ1)


 730     KLOE  KS    Goodland - 3/23 0809 - Weather (low 21, 50% chance of snow), ID.  (TRH-AZ2)


 730     CKDM  MB    Dauphin - 3/23 0555 - Good with ID "You're listening to the heartland's best music -- 7-30, CKDM."  I knew these guys got out but didn't expect to hear them so far south.  (TRH-AZ2)


 860     KKOW  KS    Pittsburg - 3/24 0557 - Art Bell show, Kansas City Royals promo, slogan "All you need to know is 8-60 AM, KKOW."  (TRH-AZ2)


 890     KVOZ  TX    Laredo - 3/25 0542 - Fair-good with Cadena Radio Cristiana programming.  (TRH-AZ3)


 930     WKY   OK    Oklahoma City - 3/22 2353 - Good with Oklahoma Blazers CHL hockey playoff vs. Bossier-Shreveport Mudbugs.  Opposing team coverage was noted on KWKH-1130.  (TRH-AZ2)


 950     KNFT  NM    Bayard - 3/22 0958 - ID mentioned a new FM station, KWNM-105.5.  (TRH-AZ2)


1220     WHK   OH    Cleveland - 3/24 0453 - Good with promo "Our programs keep you uplifted and inspired... the new 12-20, WHK."  Mixing with XEB-1220.  (TRH-AZ2)


1230     KXO   CA    El Centro - 3/24 0927 - Fair-good with "AM 12-30, the best oldies on the radio."  (TRH-AZ2)


1240     KWIK  ID    Pocatello - 3/22 0300 - Faded up for ID "News radio 12-40, KWIK Pocatello, a Clear Channel radio station."  (TRH-AZ2)


1240     KEVA  WY    Evanston - 3/22 0306 - Fair with weather for SW Wyoming.  (TRH-AZ2)


1340     KIST  CA    Santa Barbara - 3/24 2254 - Fox Sports and ID.  Ad at 2304 for a cat-boarding facility in Santa Barbara, kind of odd for a sports talk station!  (TRH-AZ3)


1360     KACT  TX    Andrews - 3/23 0535 - Ad for Pegasus DirecTV in Andrews.  Frequent IDs.  (TRH-AZ2)


1370     KGNO  KS    Dodge City - 3/22 0729 - Fair with weather, cattle market report, ID.  (TRH-AZ2)


1370     KJJL  WY    Cheyenne - 3/22 2312 - ID, "K-jewel" slogan, into NOS.  (TRH-AZ2)


1440     KELG  TX    Manor - 3/23 2252 - Regional Mexican music and ID.  This one gets out well to the west.  DX test candidate?  (TRH-AZ2)


1460     KBZO  TX    Lubbock - 3/24 0410 - Regional Mexican music, "Radio Tricolor" slogans, and local ads.  (TRH-AZ2)


1470     KKTY  WY    Douglas - 3/22 2304 - Local news and features, oldies.  (TRH-AZ2)


1490     KZZN  TX    Littlefield - 3/22 0645 - Fair-good signals with Lonestar Farm and Ranch Report, ads, PSAs, TSN news, IDs "KZZN AM 14-90 and KAIQ FM 95.5."  Still uses slogan "the great American music station."  Noted each

night we were in Tombstone.  (TRH-AZ2)


1550     KZRK  TX    Canyon - 3/22 2153 - Fair-good with Fox Sports.  (TRH-AZ2)


1630     KKWY  WY    Cheyenne - 3/22 0643 - Huge signals over KCJJ with ID and slogan "the best country."  This station really gets out well now.  (TRH-AZ2)


1670     WTDY  WI    Madison - 3/22 2156 - Good with ad for Wisconsin Dells and ID.  (TRH-AZ2)


The hotel in Tombstone was on a hill that overlooked a huge valley to the north.  It's not the best place for DXing Mexico, but conditions to the N and NE are quite good. 


Three times on this trip I found myself listening to 2 3-letter call stations at the same time:  KGO/WHB-810; XEB/WHK-1220; and KXO/KOY-1230.


540      MEXICO      XETX Nuevo Casas Grandes, SON, MAR 22 0455 - Good with "La Ranchera de Paquime" slogans.  Station puts out a good midday signal all across SE Arizona.  (TRH-AZ2)


560      MEXICO      XEXZ  Zacatecas, ZAC, MAR 25 0624 - Upbeat music and "La Zeta" slogans.  (TRH-AZ3)


580      MEXICO      XEHO  Cd. Obregon, SON, MAR 24 0524 - ID "XEHO La Fuerza de la Palabra."  Several stations seem to be relaying XEDA-1290 with this slogan or "Radio Trece" slogan, including XEVSS-650, XEDL-1250 (same market as XEVSS!), and XESS-1450.  (TRH-AZ2)


590      MEXICO      XEBH? Hermosillo, SON, MAR 23 0210 - Seemed to be them with slogan (or program) "Reconexion" each evening.  Can anyone confirm?  (TRH-AZ2)


600      MEXICO      XEHW  Rosario, SON, MAR 23 0202 - Ad for Muebleria Sonora, followed by ID.  Sounded like they announced 1kW but I'm not sure.  (TRH-AZ2)


700      MEXICO      XEGD  Hidalgo del Parral, CHIH, MAR 24 0414 - Fair under KWLW and WLW, "Aqui en La Poderosa, XEGD."  (TRH-AZ2)


780      MEXICO      XEMF  Monclova, COAH, MAR 23 0320 - Very good o/XESFT with ID "XEMF, La Primera Estacion, en ele corazon de Coahuila."  (TRH-AZ2)


810      MEXICO?     UNID  MAR 23 0508 - Slogan "La Frecuencia de hoy" clearly caught on tape.  Seemed to mention 10kW.  (TRH-AZ2)


820      MEXICO      XEMVS Mexicali, BCN, MAR 21 1630 - Slogan is now "La Candente." Announces 3kW.  Format is a bizarre mix of music and obscure motivational

talk.  (TRH-CA1)


940      MEXICO      XEYJ  Nueva Rosita, COAH, MAR 25 0457 - "Y-J La Mexicana... 15kW... desde Nueva Rosita.  La Y-J Mexicana, Organizacion Radiofonica del Norte."  ex-950.  (TRH-AZ3)


1050     MEXICO      XEVD  Cd. Allende, COAH, MAR 24 0326 - "La ????ita, Radio Viva."  XEG generally on top here.  (TRH-AZ2)


1080     MEXICO      XEPAB La Paz, BCS, MAR 25 1049 - Interesting tape loop with trumpet ensemble theme and ID "Esta es XEPAB, La Paz, Baja California, mil watts."  (TRH-AZ3)


1140     MEXICO      XESOS Agua Prieta, SON, MAR 25 0336 - Good with ID "XESOS... 10kW de potencia.. Agua Prieta, Sonora... Grupo Radiofonico."  Also mentioned their FM station, XHNNO-99.9.  Station appears to be in Agua Prieta, as opposed to Naco.  (TRH-AZ3)


1260     MEXICO      XESA  Culiacan, SIN, MAR 22 1220 - Good with PSAs for Sinaloa state government.  Slogan is "La mejor", so don't confuse this with KTAE-TX which is listed with the same slogan.  (TRH-AZ2)


1340     MEXICO      XEAA  Mexicali, BCN, MAR 21 1827 - Slogan is now "La Nueva", very easy to confuse with XECW which uses "La Zeta."  XEAA gets out poorly these days.  (TRH-AZ1)


1340     MEXICO      XECW  Los Mochis, SIN, MAR 23 0101 - ID "La Zeta... siglas XECW... 10kW de potencia."  A check of their web site ( confirms the power increase.  XECU-1450 also noted nightly, announcing 10kW.  (TRH-AZ2)


1350     MEXICO      XELBL San Luis Rio Colorado, SON, MAR 21 1650 - Station is still here (not on 1570 yet), still "Radio Centro", and still clobbering XEAA-1340.  (TRH-CA1)


1370     MEXICO      XEHF  Nogales, SON, MAR 24 1900 - Running OC as we drove through Nogales.  Station appears to run OC all day on Sunday.  Had been on the air the day before.  (TRH-AZ1)


1490     MEXICO      XECJC Cd. Juarez, CHIH, MAR 23 0159 "Esta es Radio Net 14-90, 1kW de potencia... Cd. Juarez."  (TRH-AZ2)


1490     MEXICO      XEAQ  Agua Prieta, SON, MAR 22-24 - Station is silent.  They were an easy midday catch from Tombstone last year.  Not noted on any of the three days we were in this area.  (TRH-AZ2)


Main differences between this year's trip and last year's are the appearance of XETX-540 and XESOS-1140, plus the disappearance of XEAQ-1490.  Our hotel in Tombstone was on a hillside overlooking a big valley to the

north (same place we stayed last May).  It's not the best location for DXing Mexico, but it's very open to the north and northeast. 


“Canst thou send lightnings, that they may go and say unto thee, Here we are?”  (Job 38:35)


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