Vegan Rock Stars: If you know of a vegan rock star (any vegan who makes music) and the source that says so let me know. Also, if you know that any of this list is inaccurate or if you know of some better online sources than the ones I've named let me know. Contact: thrillracer[at]netzero[dot]net.

One of the reasons I enjoy my favorite music artists is because their lyrics express such a depth of feeling, yet sometimes I wonder why, if they're so sensitive, are they ignorant enough to eat meat. So without further ado, here is a list of music artists who say they are vegan:


7 Generations (Their page says, "7 generations now and forever supports, encourages and lives a VEGAN STRAIGHTEDGE lifestyle.")
30 Seconds To Mars (The entire band is vegan including frontman Jared Leto (who claims the band "used to sacrifice goats"), Jared's brother, drummer Shannon Leto, and guitarist Tomislav Milicevic.) -, 03/26/2010)

Ross Abel of TAFT ("I'm a very thorough vegan." - Abel)
Abnegation ("punk rock band out of Penn." - Hudebníci)
Absence ("vegan XXX metalcore from Italy" - Good Life Recordings)
Absone ("Driving vegan sxe chaoscore." - Vort'n Vis)
Adalita of Magic Dirt (Names of Famous Vegetarians)
Bryan Adams (He says he is a "complete vegan" on, "campaigns.")
Chad Ackerman of A Veil and Chapter 14. (San Diego Reader, Vol. 41, #43, October 25, 2012.)
Dean Adjukovic of Dreaming of a Better Day (The Bay Eagle)
Chris Alas of Dreaming of a Better Day (The Bay Eagle)
Carol Alban ("Vegetarian Artists on")
Alex from Panthro UK United 13 (Dave Quinn from Tiltwheel told me--he toured with them.)
Quinn Allman from the Used (Warped Tour 2002 News)
Bobby Alt, drummer of S.T.U.N. (PETA2)
Diana Anaid (The Courier Mail, 11/29/07)
André 3000 of Outkast ( (He is probably not vegan because a photo depicts him eating an ice cream cone in Venice June 24, 2016 and nothing indicates that it's vegan. (Us Weekly, July 18, 2016, p. 24.))
Andrew (AKA Durty South Drew) from Sick of Society ("I’m vegan, I sing in an Oi! hardcore band from south Florida; the only oi-core around.")
Kim Andrew of Brilliant Sins (Told me: "We're from Wales, animal rights activists, dog rescuers and vegan!")
AndrU (told me so.)
Angel (she told me.)
Apostle ("Vegan-death-metal from Falkenberg, Sweden." - Jimmi.)
Fionna Apple (PeTA's Animal Times Spring 1998)
Architects (All vegan mental band - peta2.)
Joy Askew (Charl says so, plus her page has an "Animal Activism" section.)
Rahil Babooram (Says so on the "About Me" part of his web page.)
Beau Balek of Dreaming of a Better Day (The Bay Eagle)
Thomas Barnett from Strike Anywhere (Skratch)
Travis Barker of Blink 182 ( "Blink 182’s Travis Barker: Why I’m Vegan" - Men's Journal)
Batterix (He said on his Facebook page that he became a Vegan Legion Crew Member about two years ago. (February 16, 2017).)
Beloved Binge ("all-vegan band out of Seattle" -- eleni binge.)
Butch Berry ("raw vegan"--he told me.)
Joshua Bessom of Lazy Preacher (said so.)
Billy from jr. loader (Brian told me.)
Birthright ("We Bite Music")
Jim Black's Vegan Recipes ("noncarnivorous drummer"--New York Times, August 1, 2008)
Gene Blalock of THE FADED (The band does pro-vegan shows.)
Michael Bluejay (Bio)
Jeffrey Bobbin of THE CONDUIT (he told me.)
Michael Bolton (letter to editor from Joyce Logan, Vegetarian Times, May 1994.)
Liona Boyd (ALF)
Joel​ ​Bravette​ ​- aka​ ​Jay​ ​Brave ("vegan rapper." - Lucy Clarke-Billings, Mirror, 1 NOV 2017)
Woody Brown of the Modern Society ( incorporated by reference to
Jackson Browne (Patch, 2011)
Karl Buechner of Earth Crisis (Pheonix NewTimes, 1996)
Hunter Burgan of AFI (Wikipedia)
Rosie Burgess (Mercury (Hobart, Australia), April 3, 2008.)
Terence "Geezer" Butler of Black Sabbath (International Vegetarian Union)
Caninus (Pitbull Grindcore)
Chokeules (Song "40 Year Old Vegan" on YouTube.)
Chris from Saves the Day (PETA2)
Greg Cipes (Grrr! issue 2, 2004.)
Anthony "Civ" Civorelli of Civ (Hypno, Vol. 4, issue 10, October 1995)
Paula Cole (PeTA's Animal Times Winter 1997)
Phil Collen of Def Leppard (Vegetarian Times, March 1993)
Sinéad O'Connor (Hudebníci)
Consolidated (Ink 19, April 1999)
Vegan Corie ("Vegan is great for the planet song")
Elvis Costello (Jens interviewed him.)
Crystal Ballroom (
Culture ("Vegan sXe from Florida." - Jimmi.)
Miley Cyrus "Is Miley Cyrus the Veganest Vegan to Ever Vegan?" - PETA.)
D Jack Dangers (iMusic Showcase - Meat Beat Manifesto)
Daniel of Cat on Form (Dan told me.)
Dawn of a Nation ("New h-8000 Vegan Hardline XXX-band" - Good Life Recordings)
Dave Davies of the Kinks (
Day of Suffering ("hard vegan metal from usa." - Jimmi.)
Doyle (Said he's vegan in interview with Jason Reed, Inner Edge Music.)

Andre Delano (Andre Delano II post on Facebook.)
DIM MAK ("vegan sXe Metal" - Good Life Recordings)
Star Drooker (The Berkshire Eagle, 11/14/07)
Judith Durham of The Seekers (Vegan Society)
Darren Edwards of Brilliant Sins (
Billie Eilish ( Billie Eilish Encourages Fans to Become Vegan: 'Be Smarter', TARA MAHADEVAN (06/14/2019))
Eva of Cat on Form (Dan told me.)
Eve (San Diego Vegans)
Blaine Factor of Burning Hammer (purports to be vegan on Facebook, but is a troll and probably full of it.)
John Feldmann of Goldfinger (
Rachelle Ferrell (SoyStache)
Sid Fletcher of Sectioned Vegan (International Vegetarian Union)
Sage Francis (BUZZonline)
Jonny Freesh (raw vegan rapper; check out his "What's Freesh" song!)
From the Dying Sky ("Vicious vegan metalcore!" - Good Life Recordings)
Iwona Shamsan Gapinska (Facebook)
Linda Gentille (International Vegetarian Union)
Boy George (Vegan Society)
Robin Gibb of The Bee Gees (The Religious Affiliation of the 100 Greatest Rock Musicians) (deceased, but still vegan)
Good Clean Fun (International Vegetarian Union)
Dave Goodman, original producer of Sex Pistols (International Vegetarian Union)
Good Riddance ("vegan hard core punk band" - Pizza of Death Records)
Ellie Goulding* (USMAGAZINE.COM, 7, May 18, 2015.) (she wears leather (USMAGAZINE.COM, 61, November 9, 2015).)
Ariana Grande* (Michelle Kretzer, Ariana Grande Goes Vegan—and That’s Not All, (November 8, 2013).) (Fatima Alvarenga, Ariana Grande Is Vegan Yet She Has a Lipstick Collaboration with MAC Cosmetics, Affinity (April 7, 2017).)
Green Rage ("VEGAN mayhem." - Jimmi.)
Alex Greenwald of Phantom Planet ( "Road Trippin’ To a Phantom Planet")

Vijay Hariharan of Puritan (International Vegetarian Union)
Davey Havok of A.F.I. (See him on You Tube explain for himself.)
Justin Hawkins of The Darkness (
Scott Huckabay ("raw vegan musician" - Magical Blend Magazine.)
Andy Hurley, drummer of Fall Out Boy (Memphis Flyer, 10/25/07.)
Chrissie Hynde (
Randy Ichinose (Ryouta Kokawa, from the Japaense label, told me.)
Frank Iero from My Chemical Romance ("Frank Iero Speaks About Veganism" on You Tube)
IFEEL (From bio: "Hip hop artist IFEEL creates music to give voice to the voiceless beings we call animals.")
Inaia (see "bio" on web page)
Christiane J., singer of S.T.U.N. (PETA2)
Jackal (song is called "Militant Vegan Eco-Fascist Regime") Joe Jackson (Jens interviewed him.)
Trevy James feat. Turnip Vegan (See their "Eatin Like That" Music Video. "Strictly vegan, San Diego based rappers Trevy James & Turnip Vegan representing and spreading the vegan message through good hip hop vibes." - YouTube)
Jamie of Cat on Form (Dan told me.)
Christopher Jarecki of S.T.U.N. (Boston Globe)
Joan Jett (Washington Post), (Care2)
Daniel Johns of Silverchair (Animal Liberation NSW Interview)
Mathew Johnson (web page)
Jon from Sclub7 (International Vegetarian Union)
J.P. from Vigilante Resistance (Equalizing X Distort)
Junto! (International Vegetarian Union)
Myq Kaplan ((Emily Moran Barwick, A Vegan Celebrity Who’s *Actually* Vegan | Interview With Comedian Myq Kaplan, Bite Size Vegan (07/1/15).))
Tony Kanal, bassist of No Doubt (VegTV, June 16, 2012)
Klint Kanopka, bassist of Reign Supreme (How's Your Edge?com, interview includes vegan restaurant reviews.)
Karmafree (positive genre band of 2 raw vegans)

K.D. Lang (The Sydney Morning Herald, Nov. 17, 1995)
Leigh-Chantelle, folk singer (Courier Mail (Australia), September 30, 2008)
Coulter Leslie of coulter (said: "i am most CERTAINLY vegan, and have been for many, many years.")
Jared Leto* (He call himself a "che-gan," a "cheating vegan." US Magazine, June 1, 2015)
Leona Lewis (WeWomen)
Love Spirit (Bart & Jody told me.)
James Paul Luna, vocalist of Southern California’s Holy Grail (peta2)
Dennis Lyxzen of the (international) noise conspiracy/refused/Lost Patrol (Roots of Compassion)


Mickey Madden of Maroon 5 (Copley News Service, 11/16/07) (Adam Levine* of Maroon 5 calls himself 85% vegan - Care2)
Michelle Malone (
Steve Markowitz (He told me.)
Johnny Marr (Mail Online, August 31, 2009)
Fred Mascherino from Talking Back Sunday (Grrr! Issue 1, 2006)
Robert May (he told me)
James McCartney (International Vegetarian Union)
Lindsay McDougall of Frenzal Rhomb (Animal Liberation NSW Interview)
Funkinutt McFly (From Twitter: "#Vegan freak who writes Funkinutt McFly's Vegan Food Blog and love #Funk music. I am The #Funky Vegan. Follow my music @FunkCatBrown and get funky.")
Ryan McReynolds (International Vegetarian Union)
Todd Meszaro of Pollution Circus (now defunct.) (His alias is Oddvegan.)
Josh Middleton of Sylosis (peta2)
Crispian Mills of Kula Shaker (Vegan Society)
Mistro ("Vegan antinatalist hip hop artist." - Vegangster, Aug 17, 2015)
Moby (Buzcast)
Charlie Moore of Dreaming of a Better Day (The Bay Eagle)
Daniel Moore (He said, "I am a Vegan rockstar.")
Alanis Morissette (Animal Times Summer 2009)
morrison·hiet (According to their web page, they try to live their lives "cruelty free." Racine Hiet says they do the "Audible Kitchen" vegan recipe and songs on her weekly radio show, "Sexy Vegan".)
Morrissey (The Seattle Times, 12/27/2013) (Guess he has changed since the interview on Modern Rock Live, August 17, 1997, when he said he couldn't manage to be vegan.)
Toby Morse of H20. (Interview by Steven at Punks in Vegas, Sept. 2, 2011)
Alison Mosshart from The Kills (Dave Quinn from Tiltwheel knew her old band, Discount, and reports that she’s a vegan.)
Jason Mraz (Parade, June 30, 2013)
Mushroom of Massive Attack (


Bif Naked (International Vegetarian Union)
Dave Noisy of the Noisies (said "GO VEGAN" on band page, which is now gone)
Ne-Yo (Nadia Murray Ragg, "NE-YO INSPIRED TO GO VEGAN BY DOCUMENTARY ‘WHAT THE HEALTH,’" Live Kindly (Aug 7, 2017).)
nonmipiaceilcirco! (we are italian veganband called "nonmipiaceilcirco!"--traslation: i don't like the circus!)


Conor Oberst* of Bright Eyes (Greatest Journal, now offline)
Ocean (
Yoko Ono (Willamette Week Online) (She is probably not vegan because she said in an article that she and John "wasted 15 years eating macrobiotic and drinking soy milk," when all she wanted was "a little half-and-half." In the next sentence she wrote about how she dreams of ice cream, but hasn't eaten any "in years." Thus, she seems to imply that she consumes dairy, but avoids ice cream. (Yoko Ono, "25 Things You Don't Know About Me," Us Weekly, March 7, 2016, 10-11.))
oubliette (defunk, members went on to form The Sprains and Jameson Mayes, see
Gene Owens ( incorporated by reference to

Paka of Caustic Uproar (Automatic Magazine Vol. 5, Issue 28)
Paz of A Perfect Circle (Simply Paz)
Kate Peirson of the B52s (International Vegetarian Union)
Paul Peress ("Proud vegan..." - Paul Peress)
Chynna Phillips ("Your Total Health," NBC, 05/28/05.)
phoeNic ("Vegan singer songwriter." - Twitter @phoeNic2016)
River Phoenix of Aleka’s Attic (deceased, but still vegan!; his former babysitter, Deer, told me.)
Joshua "Plague" Ploeg (The Olympian, Sept. 2, 2008) (The Touring Vegan Chef)
The Pleasants (Amanda Rogers said so.)
Point of no Return ("Brazilian Vegan XXX HC with Three singers" - Good Life Recordings)
Lorelei Plotczyk (San Diego Vegans)
John Power (
Presento (Web page says, "Vegan Rapper Extremista")
The Prids ("all three members in my band, our light guy and our tech/roadie are all vegan. strict vegans... no leather no wool no honey no animal testing.. ;)" - mistina)
Prince* (
Propaghandi (official FAQ)
Punch (Evan Deges said so. Then he e-mailed me asking, "Who are you?" How weird.)
Purification ("Legendary Italian vegan straight edge band!" - Good Life Recordings)
Bob Pyle (CD is called Vegan Smiles.)


Gavin Randle (Webpage Bio)
Russ Rankin of Good Riddance (Interview at peta2)
Brent Ratkovich (Says "Vegan Atheist" on Facebook page.)
Amy Ray (
Redemption ("Italian vegan xxx." - Good Life Recordings)
Reprisal ("Italian Vegan XXX metalcore!" - Good Life Recordings)
Graham Reynolds of Golden Arm Trio (Austin Chronicle)
Krista Richards (VeganDiego April 2017.)
Rise Against (Planet
Risen ("ex-BIRTHRIGHT, political vegan straightedge hardcore." - Vort'n Vis)
Reggie Riot from Three Man Riot (told me.)
John Robb from Goldblade (Troonid.)
Bobby Rock (visit his webpage.)
Amanda Rogers (
Larry Rollag ("Straight edge vegan atheist anti-car anti-plane boring as all hell. All I do is work (have job I love), play music (in two ANV hc bands) and grow vegetables." - Facebook)
Martin Rossiter (Tweet said he is vegan. @MartinRossiter (07/26/2018)
Vegan Ruffneck aka GunTime (He is featured on this cool "Veganized" song by Mistro.)


John K. Samson of the Weakerthans (International Vegetarian Union)
Gabe Saporta of Cobra Starship (Happy Cow)
George Sarah (MeanStreet Magazine, May 2001)
David Savage of Psychodelicates (Savage told me)
Tom Scholz of Boston (Hudebníci)
Lindsay Schoolcraft of Cradle of Filth/Antiqva ( Justin Van Kleeck, "'In a World That Is Half Asleep': Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft," Striving with Systems (12/11/2017))
Jason Schwartzman of Phantom Planet ( "Road Trippin’ To a Phantom Planet")
SBeast (Tweet said he has an "upcoming vegan metal album.", @SbeastMusic, 10/28/2018)
Dave Scott of Reach (SoyStache)
The Secretions (Citizen565 "Album Reviews")
Sentence ("Vegan XXX metalcore." - Good Life Recordings)
Shades Triangle ("Vegan synth band." - Seage Heather Harris.)
Jodi Shaw ("I'm a vegan rock star!" - Jodi)
Russell Simmons (He said he "made records with Def Jam" on page one of his book, The Happy Vegan, 2015.)
Simon from Italy ("I'm a vegan myself." - Simon)
Matt Skiba of Blink 182 ( "Blink 182’s Travis Barker: Why I’m Vegan" - Men's Journal)
Grace Slick* of Jefferson Starship/Jefferson Airplane (
Heather Small of M People ("Teen Vegans," Vegan Society)
Vegan Smythe (His web page says he writes and performs songs and comedy "to energize the vegan message.")
Sadie Snook of Kilroy (she told me)
Paul Southern of Psychodelicates (Savage told me)
Skyler Spektor (see pro-vegan video under "About Skyler Spektor" section of MySpace page)
Stand (now defunct; see home page)
Statement ("Vegan Metal Gods" - Good Life Recordings)
Bill Steer of Carcass (says he has "vegan eating habits" in Metal Maniacs)
Gwen Stefani (, August 8, 2012.) of Dead Prez (peta2)
subarctic ("Anti-natalist vegan band." - Larry Rollag.)
Sugarine (vegan duo with Inatjiana Iversen, Animal activist and musician.)
Sunrise ("Polish Vegan XXX Blackmetal!" - Good Life Recordings)


Geoff Tate of Queensryche (
TFBUNDY (vegan militia)
Pat Thetic of Anti-Flag (HappyCow)
Sebastian Thomson of Trans Am ("the vegan drummer" - PETA2.)
thrillracer, esq. (d/l "Hypocrite"--a vegan friendly song.)
Truth in my Hands ("Italian vegan SxE hardcore!" - Good Life Recordings)
Will Tuttle ("Pianist and composer who has written 'The World Peace Diet' about why to go vegan." - San Jose Mercury News, 08/05/10)
Tyler of Midtown (Midtown Interview)

Unborn ("Militant Vegan straight edge" - Good Life Recordings)
Carrie Underwood* (She calls herself a "practical vegan" meaning she permits restaurants to put cheese on her food - Ladies' Home Journal, Dec./Jan. 2014, p. 9.) (She says she tries to "keep vegan," but will eat dessert with butter or eggs. She feeds meat and cheese to her baby, Isaiah. - Us Weekly, June 6, 2016, p. 61.) (An article in People says she takes her son fishing and to the zoo. Feb. 11, 2019, p. 31.)
Upheaval ("Vegan straight edge death metal. From Indianapolis." - Jimmi.)


Adam Vass of La Dispute (Article on peta2 says, "...bass player, who is also vegan and a kick-ass graphic artist.")
Norman Vegan (he told me.)
The Vegan Zombie ( Justin Van Kleeck, "'In a World That Is Half Asleep': Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft," Striving with Systems (12/11/2017))
Kyle Vincent ( profile page)
Vegan Vixens (San Francisco Chronicle, 11/18/07)

Jarrod Welling-Cann of The Sleeping Sea (says he's vegan, but not a "rock star.")
Alissa White-Gluz of Arch Enemy. (Check out her You Tube video; not just for her talk on the vegan diet, but also to compare her singing voice to her speaking voice!)
Persia White of XEO3 (UPN)
Eric Wilkins of Every Day Life (Derf87 told me.)
Stevie Wonder ( You Tube video"Vegan Stevie Wonder Interviewed At The 13th Annual Global Green Pre Oscar Party" by Ken Spector, Feb. 26, 2016); !)
Bobby Wratten of Trembling Blue Stars/Field Mice (Beth said so.)


Xen - The Vegan Black Metal Chef ( Justin Van Kleeck, "'In a World That Is Half Asleep': Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft," Striving with Systems (12/11/2017))
Xenoyr of Antiqva/Ne Obliviscaris ( Justin Van Kleeck, "'In a World That Is Half Asleep': Interview with Lindsay Schoolcraft," Striving with Systems (12/11/2017))
Xylox ("I'm a vegan musician...By the way, my wife Beverly Lynn Bennett and I [wrote] The Complete Idiot's Guide to Vegan Living." - Ray Sammartano)

Ryan Yankee of Lost Intention (told me so.)
Weird Al Yankovic (Midnight Star, January '95)
Yazz (Vegan Society)
Thom Yorke of Radiohead (MTV News Feature)

Benjamin Zephaniah (SoyStache)
Xie Zheng ("[V]egan signer and rock star...." - Care for Chinese Animals, 12/22/2011.)
Rob Zombie (He Said so on Facebook)

* These people call themselves "vegan," but say they eat animal products, which makes not a lot of sense, but hey, I guess they wanna be vegan anyway.

Random Notes

The musician Jeremy Gloff is not only not vegan, but he will #cyberbully you if you suggest that he #GoVegan. What a creep!

Find "Sexy Vegan" online radio on Party934 8-9 pm (PST), 11- midnight (EST).

See Sitio Veg which used to have a page called "RoQueIRroS vEgAnS."

See also Vegan Radio.

For an ingenious vegan-friendly blog try: Vegan Town USA.

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