Want to have some Fun then this is the place to be. Pull up a pointer and click away to find Stock  Games, Links to send Cards or play Free Lotto.

If you ever wondered what it would be like to play the Stock Market without loosing your shirt then try this Link:  You start out with a startup sum of $500,000.00 and depending on the game you are in you can win prizes (Money or Trips) if you are the winner at the end of the game.

Here is another fun site where you can play different games for points which you can trade in for prizes.

Or how about playing the Lottery for Free where you can win money (Up to a Million Dollars) just by picking the correct 6 numbers. Check out this Link.

Maybe you want to send a Musical Greeting Card or a special occasion Card then try this link.

Here is a place you can start your own Family WEB Page and it is real simple to setup. You can put
Family Pictures on it so your relatives can log on and keep up to date with how you and the kids or other family members (Family Pet) are doing or look like.

This site has a lot of games where you can win prizes and points to trade for things.

This is just a few things you can do to relax after a hard day at the FUNNY FARM.

James Fetters

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