A Guiding Light for All

A Guiding Light

What do you do if you are treated unfairly or you have been given a Letter of Proposal for some action you did not commit?

The Answer is simple! Click on the name of one of your Executive Board Members and send them Email asking for help.

Include your name and phone number where you can be reached and a brief description of what you are being charged with or what you are inquiring about. That person will return your Email as soon as they can.

James B. Fetters, President

Al Coble, Executive President

Bill Morton, Vice President East

Your Right's to Representation

Employee Rights and Responsibilities
Article 4, Section 4 of the Union Contract says:
   A.  A representative of the recognized DLA Council (Local 702) shall be given an opportunity to be present at any examination of an employee in connection with an investigation if:
   1. The employee reasonably believes that the examination may result in a disciplinary action against him/herself; and
   2. The employee request such representation.

The key words here are BELIEVE and
believe it then request Union Representation.


1. Don't admit to anything.
2. Don't sign anything.
3. Request Union Representation.
4. Contact your Union Representative ASAP.

Where do I turn for HELP?

Contact one of the Executive Board Members by clicking on their names.

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